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Welcome to Sign On! (British Sign Language (BSL) Training and Consultancy) a flourishing and dynamic company established in 2013.

Sign On! BSL Training and Consultancy is led by Mary Humphries with a team of experienced BSL Teachers, who previously taught at the Centre for Deaf Studies at the University of Bristol. All of our teachers use BSL as their first and preferred language. The majority of our services are provided in the Wessex region, covering Wiltshire, Bath and North East Somerset and Bristol, however, we can cover other parts of the U.K. by negotiation.


to learn about the Deaf Community, its Language and Culture


a high standard of communication and language skills in British Sign Language


qualifications in British Sign Language, new career opportunities

Why Choose Sign On!

Sign On! is run by a passionate, committed and dynamic team, who have a huge amount to offer for Learners who wish to achieve their BSL qualifications from Entry Level to Level 6

At Sign On! BSL Training and Consultancy, we pride ourselves on exceeding our Learners’ expectations. Through our innovative teaching design, online learning, flexibility and continued support, we believe that Sign On! can make a positive difference to the aspirations of today’s BSL Learners.

Among us we have a combined total of 90 years’ experience of teaching BSL which gives us a unique perspective with respect to BSL teaching and delivery. We are specialists in guiding Learners in the acquisition of second language learning, as well as instruction in the complex skills of consecutive and simultaneous sign language interpreting.

Sign On! believes that Deaf people have a right to access information in all aspects, this can only be achieved by promoting quality BSL teaching, delivery and assessment.

Our vision is a world where every Deaf person matters, also where Deaf culture and identity is respected.

By teaching British Sign Language and sharing our Deaf culture, it is hoped that relations between Deaf and Hearing communities will prosper.

World Federation of the Deaf

Sign language is at the core of Deaf people’s lives; sign language makes accessibility for Deaf people possible; without accessibility, Deaf people will be isolated. Thus, full enjoyment of human rights for Deaf people is based on the recognition and respect for Deaf culture and identity. Everywhere in the world, language creates culture and vice versa.

President - WFD