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Thank you for visiting the Sign On! website, we hope you have found it both educational and informative. In the UK it is estimated that over 9 million people are deaf or hard of hearing however, statistics show that only 156,000 of us use British Sign Language. Our team is passionate about raising the profile of the Deaf Community, its language and culture and significantly increasing the number of people who become proficient in using British Sign Language.

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Knowledge 97%
Experience 90%
Responsiveness 93%

Meet Our Team

Mary Humphries

Director; Sign On BSL

Mary’s experience of teaching British Sign Language spans over 25 years, she is a qualified Assessor and was previously an External Verifier. Mary is currently an External Examiner for iBSL.

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Linda Day

BSL Consultant; BSL Teacher/Assessor

Linda is the co-founder and co-director of the website Signworld online learning. Linda has developed an e-learning tool for all learners’ BSL learning, especially in the area of comprehension skills.

Alison Wherry-Alimo

BSL Teacher/Assessor

Alison has been teaching British Sign Language for 17 years. This includes BSL Level 1 to BSL Level 3. She is also a qualified A1 Assessor. Alison is currently a freelance BSL Teacher and Assessor.

Liz Potter

BSL Teacher/Assessor

Liz has been teaching BSL since 1993. As Sign Language Development Officer, she taught BSL Level 1 to BSL Level 3 to Adults at the University of Bristol Access Unit. She also delivered Deaf Awareness Training and Pre Level 2 course.

Sarah Reed


Sarah has been involved as a teacher/trainer and researcher in a wide range of topics related to Deafblindness for well over 25 years. She has gained a lot of experience from her work in Deafblindness, which is often pioneering and made even richer from her travels abroad.