Level 2 BSL

This course follows the qualification specification laid down by IBSL

Qualification Aim

This qualification aims to further learners’ experiences and development in communication through British Sign Language (BSL) with Deaf people on everyday topics involving social life and at work, school or college
A Level 2 course will enable development in functional BSL communication in more depth than at Level 1, requiring a wider grasp of grammar to cope with some non-routine language exchanges.

This qualification has been developed in accordance with the National Language Standards at Level 2.

Qualification Objective

At the end of the qualification, learners will be able to:

  • Acquire sufficient language to enable communication with Deaf people, including those in the workplace or at school/college, at an intermediate level;4
  • Develop the ability to present personal, social and work-related information in BSL;
  • Exchange routine information with Deaf people in social life and/or the workplace or at school and college.
  • Understand and give advice and instructions about everyday work and/or social matters

Qualification Structure

The qualification is divided into four units as follows:

Unit CodeQCF Unit NumberUnit TitleUnit Description
IBSL 2A1J/601/9646Receptive Skills in British Sign LanguageSee Unit IBSL2A1 specification
IBSL 2A2L/601/9647Developing BSL Presentation SkillsSee Unit IBSL2A2 specification
IBSL 2A3R/601/9648Understand and take part in routine conversations in BSLSee Unit IBSL2A3 specification
IBSL 2A4Y/601/9649Understand and use routine BSL in everyday contextsSee Unit IBSL2A4 specification

Note: All units are marked externally by IBSL

Length of Course

The recommended learning time is 30 hours per unit, except for Unit 2A2 which has 60 hours, making a total of 150 hours.

Unit Code

Guided Learning Hours

Additional Study Hours

Total Learning Time

Credit Value at
Level 3



























The following areas will be covered:

  • Meeting People; people including extended family members; friends and colleagues or those that are met regularly at work, school or college/university; behaviours/actions and feelings to people
  • Work, School and/or College; details about daily routines and not-so-daily routines such as going on a training course, future plans
  • Describing day to day activities of self and others in personal or social circumstances
  • Describing day to day activities of self and others at work, school or college
  • Lifestyle choices; experiences; hobbies and interests; events and activities

Target Group

The Level 2 Certificate in BSL Studies is suitable for those who:

  • Wish to acquire extended British Sign Language skills for the purpose of holding more detailed communication with Deaf people, including by family, friends and colleagues at work, school or college;
  • Need to acquire BSL skills as part of a programme of study or professional development;
  • Are studying for personal development with a view to future employment;
  • Wish to progress from the Level 1 Award.

The qualification is also suitable for Deaf people wishing to acquire a qualification in their own language


All the evidences, apart from the ‘live’ assessment, will be collected into a simple coursework file (or e-file if preferred).

Unit CodeAssessment MethodMarked By
IBSL 2A1Video Receptive (DVD/Online);
Live Observation
IBSL 2A2Presentation Report;
Live Observation
IBSL 2A3Conversation with T/A;
Live Observation
IBSL 2A4Live Assessment: Conversation IBSL External Examiner

Additional Study

A total of 50 hours should be allocated to out-of-class activities that enable the learner to (a) research their topics (b) engage in community activities where use of signing is the norm.

Additional Costs

Learners will be expected to purchase resources for their coursework file.

What are the final qualifications?

IBSL Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language Studies

The qualification is divided into four units, each of which can be achieved separately. To achieve the full Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language Studies, Learners are required to achieve all four units

Progression Route

Upon completion of this qualification, learners may progress as follows:

  • IBSL Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language Studies

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